Loop Station

One of my younger brothers is really good with many different musical instruments. He plays guitars, drums and much more. Last year, my sister and I bought him an electric guitar as his Christmas present. When I went to the Philippines last spring, I was surprised to find out that he now has drum sets also. He was very creative by making drums out of big tin cans. I would like to buy him regular drums and a high quality loop station at http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/boss-rc-300-loop-station but unfortunately I can’t afford them right now. I like music also but can’t play any musical instruments.

Monitor Stands

Did you know that you can save on studio monitor stands at guitar center? In fact, the store offers the best price guarantee and is willing to match the price of any competitor. Just show them proof of the cheaper price in the form of flyers or ads within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll be refunded with the difference from what you paid for plus 10% of the amount. If ever the store is offering a sale on the items you bought within 30 days from your purchase, you’ll be refunded as well. What are you waiting for? Buy on-stage stands microphones only at guitar center.

Big Clearance Sale

New Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

There is now a big Clearance sale going on at Musician’s Friend. If you are thinking about buying a new instrument, now is the good time to check out what’s on sale from one of the best musical instrument depots on the market.  One of my younger brothers is into music and also plays a few musical instruments so this is a good news to him.  On top of the clearance sale, Musician’s Friend is also offering 0% interest for 24 months.  Take advantage now before the sale is over.

Piano Adventures

Among the many musical instruments available, my favorite is the piano. I love listening to classical music not only because the melody is beautiful but it is also very relaxing. It would be nice to go on piano adventures and learn how to play digital pianos and synthesizers. There are online music stores that sell excellent keyboards, keyboard gear, keyboard workstations and a lot more from brands like Nord, Roland, Yamaha, Casio etc. Customers will find different types from the classics to the latest models and at really affordable prices.

USB Microphone

If you are into band music, you know how important it is to set up your band with monitors for a killer sound during a gig. A sound check that is thorough should be done, including with the blue nessie at MF.

For bands of three to six people with electric guitars and bass, a drummer, a singer and possibly a keyboard, playing in small venues to audiences of less than 200 (a typical start-up scenario) your amplification needs are threefold:

1) Back line – this includes your guitar and bass amps, your drummer
2) Monitors – these are on-stage speakers relaying “fold-back” – your own sound
3) PA – the front of house sound which the audience hears.

Audio Interfaces

Before you buy RME Audio, there are some things you should learn about sound design. Sound design is essential in electronic music. You can say it is its backbone. Just because programs these days make it easy for you to just plug in and play like you would a keyboard, you won’t fully appreciate the complexity and beauty of electronic music until you delve into the world of sound design. You need to learn how synthesizers work and also have creativity to mark the music sound as your own. Experiment. Learn and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Musical Instrument Store

A musician does have to invest in his instruments for better presentations and shows. After a great performance or in preparation for one, you can reward yourself with new alto saxophones at musian friend. These musical items are available at a wide range of prices, some for beginners and many for pros. The saxophone may also be bought with a bundle of other musical instruments and paraphernalia for a better value. With your new sax, you can enjoy making more beautiful music and also show your pride in what you have achieved. The saxophones are also offered in different colors.