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My Favorites


We’re in the mood for food!!! When I’m feeling healthy, fruits with herbal tea.

Favorite FastFood: Burger King and Mc Donald

Fave Food on A Stick: Bar-B-Q

Guilty Pleasure: ice cream

Yummiest Candy Bar : Kit Kat, Hershey’s Kisses and Almond Nuts. If I’m feeling fancy chocolate with strawberry filling.

How I Stay Minty Fresh: Listerine Pocketpaks are the best and Green Cross Alcohol.

What I’m Listening To:

Steve’s Green, Household of Faith
Hoobastank, The Reason
Don Moen’s I Will Sing,Two Hands One Heart
Jennifer Lopez, Nelly, Eminem,Shania Twain,Celine Dion…POP, R & B, Hip Hop.


The ones I’ve watched recently that I like are Golden Eye, Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough, So Close ,Cyborg, Finding Nemo, Jaws and Water World.

Flicks for Families: My All Time Favorites

The Wizard of Oz – Honey Ray’s (Im melting)
Peter Pan
Finding Nemo
The Lion King
Snow White
Shrek 1

Favorite Scents


Simply Basic Sweet Pea-refreshing body mist
Jean Philippe Paris
Calvin Klein uni-sex body spray

Shopping Places

Oh goody! My most favorite

Tex- Mex Food

menu-foodMy hubby and I both love the idea of going out on a date and that usually includes fine dining. Many people have different ideas of fun things to do but food seems to be a universal when it comes to life’s basic pleasures. I am from the Philippines and my preference is for all sorts of oriental foods. My hubby, on the other hand, appreciates a greater variety although we do both share the love of most oriental foods.

I think his favorite food though is Mexican food. He has told me that years ago, when he was still single, his buddy and he had a standing date for Mexican food and Margaritas every Tuesday night. I was never much of a fan of any alcoholic drinks until recently when my hubby introduced me to the Margarita. menu-food-1

It was not that I was against drinking in general, but that nothing alcoholic ever tasted very good to me. That changed when I had my first Margarita. I think my hubby has gotten kind of starved for good Mexican food lately because of my preference for oriental and the lack of any good Mexican restaurants in the area. It has not become a big issue to us but he will occasionally mention a desire to travel quite a way to visit one. Just looking at the food on Mattito’s Tex Mex website makes his mouth water and now that I have been introduced to the Margarita, I think I would like to try some of those tasty looking Mexican dishes myself.

We are a long way from the Dallas location but we did stop in San Francisco for a short period of time last Fall while flying to the Philippines. If we do stop over in San Francisco again on our next trip, I think both of us would really like to go to Mattitos and check out the food. They have banquet halls in Dallas TX and San Francisco as well. If you are looking for restaurants in las colinas area of Texas, you should check them out.

More Samples

Here are the samples that I received today. I am thankful to be able to get to try them. If my hubby and I didn’t have an upcoming trip abroad, I would probably receive more freebies in the mail. I am enjoying doing product reviews. Most of the products are really good and by reviewing them, I feel like I am offering a worthy service to my readers. My hubby will definitely enjoy these products since he likes salads and can’t start the day without his coffee.


salad dressing

Free Samples

I received four packages of free sample products in the mail today. I am excited to give them a try. Most of them are food related products like jerky, a box of chocolate and a wide variety of snack food as you can see below. I also received a sample of body lotion.

body lotion

Krave Jerky

Asher's Chocolate

Newman's Own Organics

2012 Tomato Harvest

tomatoes 2012

big tomatoes

My hubby ended up planting more tomatoes than he had at first planned. We thought that the first tomato plant that we planted outside would give us plenty of fruit but when we got a late freeze, we thought it had died and we bought more. After a while the plant came back but it was somewhat stunted. We ended up putting another tomato plant in the garden and one in a pot so that we could bring it in if needed. The plant we put in the pot did not do well but the two we had in the garden gave us a good harvest so we are planning to plant more next year.


This year is our first try to grow jalapeño peppers. Hopefully, they will turn out well. We already have them inside the house and I hope they will continue to be healthy. It was my hubby’s decision to give jalapeños a try. I will keep you updated here on my blog when we get our first harvest. It looks like I won’t have to wait much longer ;-).

Bell Peppers

I can’t wait for these bell peppers to be ready for harvest. They will definitely be part of my omelet soon ;-). I like my omelets with tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. My hubby doesn’t usually put tomatoes in his omelets but we will see if he still thinks that way once he has tried my version. The bell peppers and other plants in pots will soon continue to grow inside the house after the soon to come freezing temperatures.