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Apothecary Products

Classics and Bestsellers

This is the first time I have heard the apothecary word. Since it is new to me, I asked my husband what it was meant. His reply was “I recognize the word but I don’t know what it means” so, I Googled it. Smallflower is your one stop shop for apothecary products. This company has been established since 1875 and is the original international apothecary. It is located in Illinois. You should check them out online to find out more of their products.

Roll About

Last year, my hubby was having some health problems. His Lyme Disease and some of the medications they were giving him caused him to have balance problems and stumble around. I was beginning to worry that he might need roll about if he kept getting worse. Fortunately, when he went to a different provider, he got better treatment and started to improve. He is still having some balance issues but he is much better than he was a year ago, no thanks to his original doctor.

Yoga Mats

One of my younger sisters is doing yoga at home. She found it convenient to do the yoga at home rather than going to the gym because she has a daughter to take care of. I know that her husband purchased a few yoga instructional DVDs for her but I did not know if he also included yoga mats. If she doesn’t have one yet, I will tell her the next time I talk to her that she can find dragonfly yoga mats at the linked website. I want to try a yoga myself because I heard a lot of good things about this program but probably not anytime soon because I am still happy with my zumba.

Free Samples

I received four packages of free sample products in the mail today. I am excited to give them a try. Most of them are food related products like jerky, a box of chocolate and a wide variety of snack food as you can see below. I also received a sample of body lotion.

body lotion

Krave Jerky

Asher's Chocolate

Newman's Own Organics

Tanning Kits

Essentials Classic 1-TE201004I feel fortunate because I naturally have tan skin. I don’t have to spend money to buy tanning kits or get in a tanning bed to get tan skin. During the summer season, I get darker though because I always go with my husband fishing. Actually I have never tried applying any tanning products on my skin yet but my Caucasian husband did many years ago. He said that he had been to tanning salon about a half dozen times at the most but he never been since he moved up north in 1992..

I Feel Betrayed…

My hubby hadn’t been thinking about getting his medical records from his medical provider until they started advertising their new online health system. My hubby had been thinking about enrolling in the system for quite sometime because it sounds handy but it turned out to be a much bigger hassle than what he anticipated. He found out that he couldn’t get access to the records he wanted unless he went to Fargo personally and then filled out an application.

Despite the hype, the online system did not allow access to the records that my hubby was looking for. They said that those records were only available through filling out a formal release and then the records would be sent through the mail on CD. To make a long story short, a few days later, my hubby’s medical records arrived in the mail. Neither my hubby nor I were looking forward to reviewing them until the day before my hubby’s appointment with his new primary medical care provider.

Since I got here to my hubby’s place six years ago, my hubby has changed quite a few primary providers for various reasons. Most of the changes were due to turnover at the local clinic but a couple of them were due to disagreements over view points and incompetence.

Despite all the transitions, there was one doctor that we thought we could work with. We did not realized that he was saying one thing to our face and then writing something totally different into the record. I couldn’t believe that a doctor would do that to us. He seemed very helpful and agreeable when we talked to him but the record told a quite different story. I felt betrayed because I thought he was different from many of the providers that we dealt with over the years.

Most of the providers treated my hubby like he was stupid if he express any disagreements or opinions contrary to theirs. Every time there was a disagreement it turned out that my hubby was always right. The overall level of care he has gotten was poor and should have received a failing grade. I have been completely shocked by the poor treatment that he has gotten from the health care system here.

After this experience, I would prefer to get treated in my native country, the Philippines, if I should contract a serious disease. I don’t trust how things work here. Aside from the cost, which is the highest per patient in the world, the treatment is definitely sub par. I don’t have health insurance here because it would be a complete waste of money from what I have seen.

Sunburn Hurts!

Last Friday my hubby and I went fishing. We did not plan to go fishing on that day. It was an eleventh hour decision made by my husband. We were supposed to go fishing last Thursday but something more important came up. Since it was not planned, we went fishing late. It was almost ten o’clock in the morning by the time we got out. We went straight to the spot his brother recommended for crappie fishing. It did not take that long before my hubby and I found the spot.

We anchored the boat and my hubby started catching fish one right after another while I was not catching anything. I got jealous so he began teaching me how to catch crappies at this particular site. I was getting annoyed because he talked and talked. It felt like a never ending sermon. I knew I had lost my touch since I had not been fishing much lately. When I finally started to take his advice I started catching fish. Soon I was catching up with him.

It was really a nice day for fishing. The lake was calm and the sun was out. It was very warm and I felt like I was at home in my native Philippines. My hubby and I both got sunburned and his was worse because of his light complexion. But he put on aloe vera lotion and his got better. When I finally decided to take his advice mine got better too. Maybe I should take his advice more often