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The Packers

I’m a big fan of the Green Bay Packers even when Favre was still their quarterback. I couldn’t believe that they lose 35-31 to the Carolina Panthers. I thought they would have an easy win on Sunday’s game but I was wrong. After Favre traded with the Jets, I didn’t expect that Rodgers would be one of the smartest quarterback in the NFL because I haven’t seen him playing before until he became as the Packers starting quarterback this season. There are four games left I think and I hope that the Packers can still make it in the NFC playoff.

Holding My Breath

I’m holding my breath since yesterday’s Twins game because of the Mariners dangerous offense. The Mariners can make ten runs in one inning just like what happened at Safeco Field Twins- Mariners game last week. Imagine the Twins were leading five runs early in the game and suddenly the Mariners offense explode and take the lead. Fortunately, the Twins managed to get some more runs later in the game and pulled out a thrilling 7-6 victory in the Metrodome on Saturday afternoon. Whew!!!

Twins Swept D-Backs

Yehey!!! the Twins swept the D-Backs on their three game series at the Metrodome. They won 5-3 over the visiting D-Backs. And not only that because the Twins won their last six home stand game. Right now, they are still in the second place of the American League Central division but only 1 1/5 game behind the White Sox.

I Love the Twins

I’m a twins fan and lately I experienced frustration because they lose the game. But this morning is a different story, I am happy to share here with my readers that the Twins won last night against the Indians. The Twins won 8-5 over the Indians at Progressive Field. And hopefully tonight the Twins will win again. Keep on winning guys!!!

Twins Beat the Yankees

My hubby and I were watching Twins and Yankees game last night on television even though we were very tired from fishing all day long. I am happy if the Twins win the game and I feel depress if they lose. That’s why my hubby says, I just need to relax because it’s just a game.

Anyway, it was a big win for the Twins yesterday at the Metrodome against the Yankees. Twins starting pitcher Blackburn left the game in the fifth inning after being hit in the face by a liner off the bat of Abreu that deflected off his glove. The Twins won 5-1 over the Yankees. Cuddyer’s, three hits and three RBIs and Morneau’s extra base hits secured Sunday’s win.