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Good Deals

I already have everything that I need. Thanks to my hubby for being a good provider. Unfortunately for him, I still love to go shopping for clothes, shoes and other accessories. I like to follow women’s fashion trends, even though I don’t have the money to buy everything I would like. I go to stores and online shopping sites to do window shopping. Then when the time comes that our budget permits, I go back to the sites where I found good deals and buy what I was eyeing. There are some consequences though because sometimes what I have been looking at is either sold out or the price has gone up.

Curtains Struggle

Finally for how many months struggling to find the curtains that we really need has come to an end. And my hubby is working on it and close to finishing. I think it would be an early amazing birthday gift for me this year. It looks perfect for my interior decoration though our house needs more touch up but at least piece by piece, it’s coming together. Another blissful day today in my life. I’m not talking about the money blessing here but for the accomplishment that my hubby and I have done for today.

Laundry Day

Saturday is laundry day. Even though there are not many dirty clothes to wash because both my hubby and I are just spending most of the time at home, I need to change and wash the bed sheet and pillow cases right away every weekend. The reason why I’m doing like this to avoid ironing. Although, we have three sets of bedsheets, I only often use the two sets ( the wrinkly one) because they are my favorite fabric for summer season.

Late Breakfast…

Because I’ve been spending so much time on my blogging, I happened to forget my breakfast, not until 1:30 in the afternoon. I did not noticed the time is passing by so quick and been having fun watching videos in YouTube. So lucky and blessed that my husband cooked our breakfast. He likes to cook but me not much. Happy Tuesday everyone and take care…

Wednesday Morning

Good morning everyone…we have a pretty chilly morning here. The temperature dropped down to 24 below. The cold is really biting outside and I’m just hoping that it will get warm up tomorrow ( according to the forecast last night that hubby saw on TV). So how’s everyone is doing? I hope you have a good day and be safe.

The Beauty of Fall

The weather has been depressing lately. It is my worst enemy because I don’t like to go outside and it makes me want to go home to the Philippines right away. It’s wet and cold here up north. The weather is acting more like spring than fall, at least that what it seems like to me.
 photo DSC_0020_zps2efca7b8.jpgAnyway, I took this picture just a few minutes ago before I took a shower. It shows the beautiful fall colors that are one of the few nice things about this time of the year. I have been thinking about taking this picture for about a week now but I have neglected it many times because I was always too busy. This morning I finally did it. Isn’t it gorgeous? I guess that makes it official that fall season is really here.

My Money Saving Tips

In my own perspective, saving money is a must. The golden rule for sound finances is that don’t spend more than you make. With the economy being what it is, many are having a hard time to put some money aside. Some lost their jobs so obviously chances for saving money are slim to none. Below are things that I do to stay on a budget.

* Clothes – I always wait for the sale to buy clothes or better yet go shop at thrifty stores or second hand stores like Goodwill. For example if I see a very nice leather coat in the window shop and if I will buy that coat at this time of the year, the price of it is definitely up to the ceiling. If I wait a few months later like during spring time, the price usually drops down as low as eighty percent. I bought my leather jacket at a nearby mall for $20. It was originally priced for $100 or more. Had I bought it when it was first displayed, it would definitely cost me an arm & a leg and I could not afford it. I am a big fashion follower but I don’t worry about that kind of thing because fashion repeats.

* Medicines – My hubby has VA so that is where he gets all of his prescription medication. Fortunately for me I am kind of a healthy person. In case I do need medicines, I will probably have to fly back home to my native country the Philippines or have my family send me the medicine that I need. I don’t have health insurance so that would be very costly for me. When push comes to shove, I will buy over the counter medicines.

* Magazines, Books, DVDs – Instead of buying magazines and books, try finding them online where it is much cheaper to download. That is what my hubby does all the time or better yet go to your local library if you prefer reading them on a hard cover. In my household, we completely don’t have a budget for DVDs for our movie time because we only watch freebie movies on TV.

* Insurance Premiums – Fortunately our insurance provider is a coop type. Every year we get membership share. We thought we were paying too much on all of our insurance premiums. When my hubby went insurance shopping, we found out that we got the best deal on the market. My hubby has our insurance provider for over forty years now.

* Promo and Discount Codes – I definitely use promo and discount codes. Every time I wired money to my family in the Philippines, I use a promo code. That saves me $4.99 for a transfer fee. I also use coupons when grocery shopping if I get some in the mail.

These tips are just small tips but a good way to start saving money. From there you will get smarter and will learn many ways how to save more.